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Electronic health record on the blockchain for insurance and pension services

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Blockchain for electronic health record, digital insurance & pension

Our ultimate goal is to build an all-in-one platform for storing health record, digitise insurance for EHRP accessibility and manage policy administration at lower rates on a node of the blockchain.

Our clients – both corporate and private ones – will access all the services they need from a single platform. Blockchain technology gives us the chance to make your finances grow faster and give better returns.

Who we are

Escobarcoin (ESCO) is all about healthcare and their servicing companies. It is an ecosystem enabled by the Escobarcoin as a PLATFORM, a single platform revolving around their issues and platform. Health record issues, digital insurance, pension problems, community build up, government and project partnership and of course a new health reward engine for future health financing by capitalising the blockchain and smart contract revolution to bridge the gap between HMO and Health recording.

By creating a whole peer to peer health ecosystem. Escobarcoin aims to revolutionise how every hospital, clinics, HMO, pensions, insurance businesses do transactions and transfer information and association services like health rewards and community growth.

Escobarcoin ICO stage

The solutions

Escobarcoin token

Electronic health record protocol (EHRP)

Most often, patients data are scattered across various organisations as they move from one health provider to another for a different reason, and thereby, easy access to past data is lost. Patients are not the primary stewards in keeping their health records, retrieving these data could take time and often appear fragmented, due to ineffective data sharing. We therefore explore blockchain structure applied to electronic health records, building on distributed ledger protocol originally associated with the bitcoin network, by using public key cryptography to create an append-only, immutable, time-stamped chain of content which are distributed on each participating node in the network.

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Blockchain health pension engagement (BHPE)

We are quite familiar with the delays that are often associated with pensions, and funds can be withheld for as long as three months, sometimes, savers are informed that their fund’s calculations are no longer valid, and redoing these fund calculations cost a lot of money. At other times, pension savers have to wait an average of 11 to 12 weeks to receive key information as regards how to access their funds or it could be another case of administrative hitches, these and more are problems pertaining to the pension sector. It is, therefore, our goal to give pension savers unfettered access to their retirement funds, devoid of the usual administrative hurdles.

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Secure digital health insurance (SDHI)

Information is an insurance company’s lifeblood, but some of today’s transactions may take days or even weeks to locate and process. Most insurance companies are using models developed some thirty years back to solve today’s insurance problems, and these models are not cost effective. There are fraudsters everywhere claiming terminal ailments all in the bid to defraud these insurance companies, because these companies may not be able to trace all of their fraudulent acts.

We seek out to create a system that can detect fraud instantly, enable growth and upgrade to more practical models that can be used to solve today’s insurance problems, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing costs by automating key processes.

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The Escobarcoin project is dependent on the contributions and participation of the community members for its success. Escobarcoin is poised to create a fun and helpful environment where health pensioners, insurers and members worldwide can enjoy being empowered in health, research and economic liberation. The Escobarcoin platform enables the development and integration of the SHDI, EHRP, BHPE tools and secure connections into the system called EscoApps, which runs on the platform and access software and systems outside thereby leveraging the protocol and platform for user access.

Escobarcoin rewards engine

The success of using incentives to encourage healthy behaviours has been proven. Users will be rewarded for abiding by doctors' instructions, and adopting healthy lifestyles since everything will be on the blockchain, if a doctor gives a patient some specific instructions, and the patient abides by them, the patient earns some Escobar coins.

Escobarcoin token distribution

How ESCO is being shared

  • 40% crowdsale
  • 20% team
  • 15% partnerships & advisory
  • 10% bounty
  • 15% community rewards

Escobarcoin token sale

ICO Start: May 20, 2018, UTC(12:00:00)
Total supply: 250m
Soft cap: $1m
Hard cap: $10m
Token name: EscobarcoinToken
Token symbol: ESCO
Exchange rate: 1 ESCO ~ $0.10
9000 ESCO ~ 1 ETH
110000 ESCO ~ 1 BTC
Project protocol: ERC20
Payment methods
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Escobarcoin buying bonuses

  • 1st week - 50%
  • 2nd week - 20%
  • 3rd week - 15%
  • 4th week - 10%

Bounty program

Share your campaign link and earn additional 10% bonus


With 1 ETH = 9000 ESCO. And you share the invitation link to A, B to join during ICO.

  • Let's say A spends 1 ETH to buy 9000 ESCO, A gets 9900 ESCO.
  • And B spends 2 ETH to buy 18000 ESCO, B gets 19800 ESCO.
  • You will get 2700 (9000*10%+18000*10%) ESCO totally, etc.
escobarcoin bounty program

Road map

How it all started


Our partners

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